Asking Mr Howard questions

Friday 8th November

Hi diary. I’ve had a lot of melting experiences recently. I really did melt when Stephen spoke to me down the phone! I’m melting just thinking about it! Also, Teresa has been asking Mr Howard questions and she bought him a bendy ruler from Poole Pottery! Details in folder. Today, we saw him pull up in his car and at lunchtime he went and came back and as he strided across the car-park and [we] asked him something and smiled and further experiences in the folder.


Sunday 10th November

Hi! Yesterday was sooo boring!!! In fact, I went to sleep for four hours then stayed up til 2:45am!! Today was okay, though. Julian came to the meeting today. He’s become a real outsider you know. When he went up to Calvin + Mark, they carried on talking, said a couple of words to him - they didn’t greet him or anything - then went back to talking to each other again! I’m going to talk to him - I’ve got it figured out - it’s not scary anymore. I’ve got enough self-confidence to handle anything cooly. I think it’ll be nice to be talked to by someone my own age-ish at the meetings. It’s surprising how similar we are. All you have to remember is boost his ego and he’ll carry on talking to you. If I talk to Julian he might come to the meetings more often. Well, we’ll see.



Hi! Mr Powell + Mr Jarvis. [I think I spotted these two teachers smoking together at the bike sheds of something. Mr Powell was sweet, and my first year form tutor] Teresa phoning R.S. Results in a mo. Anyway, Stephen wrote back to me! Latest in the life of Jason: Got stood up (again) took Wendy out and says “I’m going to live a woman free life” Yeah, right, Jason, except at weekends!

12th November

Hi, diary - I took you to school but forgot to write in you - sorry. We’re not going to the meeting tonight ‘cause of Kerry and Nan. Anyway, can you believe this? My Howard actually volunteered some information!!!! Teresa asked him what kind of music he liked and he said “Well, I like most music… it depends who it is’ then, instead of walking away, he looked straight at Teresa for a reaction - facial at least. You could tell she wasn’t prepared for him doing that so she looked down and said ‘Oh, okay’ he walked away, satisfied he had given her a small fright. I reckon he was fairly pleased with himself. Also, there was a Mr. Kettlewell incident again! Mrs Kennedy went out to check a report that it was raining, just as she looked up at the sky and held her hand out Mr. Kettlewell turns the corner and sees her. He’s all in his football gear and when she comes back in he goes “It’s not raining - is it?” - all shocked and she goes, well, a bit. He strokes his hair and goes ‘well we can’t go out now’ and they all complain - he looks wildly at Mrs. Kennedy for backup and she goes ‘well, we’re not going out…’ Poor Mr Kettlewell, he’ll do anything to save his hair! When I told Tweezer, she violently cracked up! And, Mr Howard came to school in his leather jacket! He whizzes into a space (as he does) gets out (with his jacket on) slips it off and slings it back in his car! Oh, he did look gorgeous and even better when he put it back on! Phew! You know he had a little picture on the base of his palm it looked like this: (I think)

Something like that. Well, bye!

13th (Wednesday) November

Staff day today! You know Teresa was going to phone up the two G. Howard’s in the phone book? Well, she did today because if he lived at one, there would be no answer ‘cause he’d be at school. Anyway, she phoned up one and a man answered, and she could hear kids and stuff so she said she had the wrong number. Then she phoned the other one and there was no answer! I still can’t believe she did it! Well that’s it. Bye!!

Friday 22nd November

Turns out G. Howard with no answer isn’t him. ‘Cos we got him to sign the x-files autograph letter and he wronte G.T. Howard and the phone book is G.A.

See ya!

Saturday 23rd November

Cloudy is dead. We only got him on 27th September. It’s weird. Last night was sooo cool! I paid for us to go to Jason’s fashion show.We met all his mates, took

[there is now a large gap of time before the next entry, and it signifies a new era for Jess. Here’s the nex entry as a taster]

Monday 31st March 1997

(I’m 13)

O.K. Here it is. I haven’t written in ages but I’m going to now. Main things in my life:

  • School

  • Jason

1st. School. Pretty boring - My Howard thing is pretty boring now - we’ve asked every question under the sun but Tez is always going on about him - it’s got serious, birthday presents etc. Her mum is threatening to write to the school. That’s about it.

2nd - Jason.

On the last entry mentioned we met his mates - Royster, Fletch and Lumpy. (Roy)(Mark)(Mark). Since then J. has come round about a dozen times with vids, or to help with the car and twice (only briefly) we met Nigel. Hopefully he’s coming on Wednesday to fix the doors on my bedroom.

Now, up to the present - we agony aunt and advice J. in his failing love-life. He is really into (and has got us into) - Soppy films, Lucozade, the cinema and motorbikes. Also included - Toy Story and zillions of quotes from various films (and ones we’ve made up). On Friday we went to the cinema with him and RSR(Roy) T’was very cool! Tres bien! Etc. See the folder for more on J+co. There’s the National Take Your Daughter To Work Day comin’ up on April 2nd and a Line Dancing evening on the 25th. Both occasions when I’m going to see J. and on the 25th Roy. Right now I have a cough, and dad is coming at the weekend.

See ya!

P.S. I would like to be known as Lj (Little J. - J. being Jason)

More in the new era of 13-year-old Jess next week!